CoStar Lets Fans Connect With Celebrities And Athletes Like Never Before

Fans have followed their favorite celebrities for years but never had the chance to actually meet their idol, ask them a question, laugh with them or have a real conversation - until now. 

CoStar is all about delivering the best online experience for fans & celebrities – bringing both together in a live two-way conversation allowing fans to engage with their idols across Sports, Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle on a more personal level. 

While social media has allowed celebrities to interact with fans at scale, CoStar’s level of interaction is unprecedented - allowing fans to now experience what used to be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ time and time again.  Enabling fans to truly get to know their idol and share real life experiences with someone they truly idolize.  

According to Trent Sydney, CEO and co-founder of Padlokt Global: "Celebrities and their fans can now chat live from the comfort of their own homes, from back-stage at the concert or on the way to the game - sharing real life experiences from locations fans never get access to in a safe and fully secure environment - giving both the opportunity to have a real conversation that goes far deeper than a post on social or interview on TV.”

Fans expect more, and today’s celebrities want to give more – they want to engage, show their fans they care and most of all, show their fans who they really are without the pitfalls of social or media control in the middle.  Live, raw and truly authentic."

During a time when live sports, live concerts and more are shut down, we all need that fix – that part of us that makes us ‘fans’.  We miss seeing our favorite athlete in prime time and athletes miss embracing their fans.  The game must go on.

Come get your fix, join a FanCast, meet your idol and have some fun.  Don’t worry, you won’t be alone - it will be you, your idol and a bunch of fans from around the world – all live and fully interactive.