JaVale McGee was live on CoStar Experience with fans from around the world logging in from China, Canada, Macedonia, Ireland, and the United States.   

  • CoStar is giving fans an exclusive look, inside The Bubble, by enabling fans to speak with the players face to face on FanCast.   
  • JaVale on the quest for his 3rd championship  
  • JaVale McGee's comparison between The Bay and LA  


New York, NY, JULY 16 2020 - Fans got their first look from inside The Bubble with JaVale McGee on CoStar’s NBPA 450Live channel.   


CoStar host Patrick Green kicked the FanCast off with JaVale, asking: “What’s it like being back, after a few months off, back with the NBA brotherhood and your teammates? Was it almost like the first day of school?”  


JaVale McGee replied: “It was definitely the “We’re Back” feeling. Our season got halted, obviously, due to COVID-19, so we had something to finish. It felt good, having that first practice to really be like, now we’re finally back on our mission, which is winning a championship.”  


CoStar is the only place where fans can be given rare access to meet & speak LIVE face to face with their favorite basketball players from within the bubble. A fan from Canada asked the question everyone wants to know: “What has been the biggest difference between playing with Klay and Steph than LeBron and AD?”  


JaVale McGee replied: “There’s two different playing styles, the Warriors are so fast, just because we had Klay & Steph and they’re great shooters, a lot of it is off-ball screens and on-ball screens, things of that nature. With the Lakers it’s a more about Lebron and AD, They need to get their buckets, which has really improved my rebounding & getting to the basket.  


JaVale McGee had a message for his fans that tuned into the FanCast and spoke face to face with him saying “I really appreciate you guys taking your own time out to come to watch me. I hope that everyone is going alright during COVID and I wish just happiness, positivity, and wellbeing. I honestly really appreciate you guys. “  


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As we are all awaiting the reboot of the season, be sure to watch the full JaVale McGee FanCast here from The Bubble. To join more live FanCasts from the NBA Bubble, go to CoStarExperience.com.   

Javale McGee With Fans