Trae Young was live on CoStar Experience, speaking with his fans from around the world, logging in from China, Canada, Greece, Philippines, and the United States.  


Trae’s reaction to a Fan asking him about “The 2nd Bubble” 

● Vince Carter & his last game in Toronto  

● What's it like playing with players you used to look up to as a kid.  


New York, NY, JULY 29 2020 - The day before the restart of the NBA season, fans tuned in from around the world to watch fellow basketball fans speak face to face with 2020 All-Star Trae Young, on CoStar’s FanCasts

Trae Young’s fan Ryan, kicked off the FanCast with “What is it like to be on the court with someone that you looked up to as your idol in middle school - high school then a couple of years later you’re on the court with them?” 


Trae replied with “It is crazy for me sometimes, these photos of me as a kid get thrown around a lot. Especially with LeBron, I first met LeBron at a skills academy when I was a freshman and he took a picture with me and I was like, wow I just met LeBron James. Then you’re right, now 7 years later I have his number! It's surreal for sure. But now that I'm older, it's all competition.” 


Hearing this message from Trae, the Fans and viewers realized that the sky is the limit when it comes to their personal goals. 


As fans are eager to see Trae Young back on the court, a fan from Southern California asked: “What are your thoughts of the NBA forming the second bubble in Chicago for the eight teams currently not playing at Walt Disney World? If it does happen, would you be willing to play? ” 


Trae followed up with “I love it, I’ve been in talks and things about starting it and & I would play in it, if it was safe enough. I know my teammates would be up in for it as well. , 9 months without basketball is tough, so we need to find a way to play, while the others are in Orlando”.  


When your teammate is Vince Carter, you're bound to get some memorable moments, such as when Trae and Vince Carter played together in Carter's last game in Toronto, Canada, where he spent most of his career.  


Trae said that Vince was reminiscing and he was locked in because of all of the emotion surrounding the scene. As Vince and Trae’s lockers were right next to each other, Trae heard a lot about Vince Carter's love for the city of Toronto and wants all Raptor fans to know it.  


Trae finished the FanCast off with a message to all of his fans “I am thankful for each one of my fans and it is a true blessing to be able to speak with you”  


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