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Episode 6: Jeremy Shada - Insider Series [Transcript]


Jeremy Shada: What's up CoStar? So today I'm inviting you all on a little journey to watch me just be really narcissistic and take lots of photos of myself. No. We are doing a photo shoot today, and I'm shooting with someone who is freaking awesome that I've been wanting to shoot with for a long time. Super excited. His name is Luke Fontana. He has shot for people like Meryl Streep, Cole Sprouse. Amazing people and amazing things. He's awesome. He's legend.

Jeremy Shada: And the reason I know of him or know him is because my roommate last year actually did a shoot with him, and I guess he knew of me from Adventure Time. And they did a shoot, and he was like, "Hey, let me know if he wants photos." So then I was like, "Uh, yes." DMed him and vice versa and we set it up. We're going to hang today and get some photos. Without any further ado, let's head on up.

Speaker 2: Excited?

Jeremy Shada: Yes. Very excited. This is a very small elevator.

Speaker 2: I can't even film in here.

Jeremy Shada: It's impossible to even film in this elevator.

Speaker 2: Too tiny. See your bag. Yeah.

Jeremy Shada: It's literally two inches from my face.

Jeremy Shada: We are currently at the studio slash really dope apartment of this guy over here, Mr. Luke Fontana, photographer extraordinaire and his trusty sidekick, Oliver, who doesn't seem to like me that much. But that's okay. So we're just getting some head- [inaudible 00:01:36] type stuff, some really gorgeous looking photos. And whatever else.

Luke Fontanta: Head even more to the right.

Jeremy Shada: Yeah. Like this?

Luke Fontanta: Yeah. Like that. Yeah. Nice. This way. [inaudible 00:01:56]. Come this way just an inch. And back here. You've seen the video of Caleb finding out he's doing a shoot with me? Have you seen that?

Jeremy Shada: Yes I have. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Luke Fontanta: [inaudible 00:02:08] can make me cry, literally. I was like [crosstalk 00:02:10].

Jeremy Shada: He was so excited.

Luke Fontanta: I just couldn't understand who cared that much.

Jeremy Shada: He literally... I mean, he talked about it for... I mean, [crosstalk 00:02:16]. Still. Even recently. Because it was like the other day I was doing something with the apartment, and he was like, "So, when are you going to call up Luke Fontana?" And I was like, "You know what? Actually right now."

Luke Fontanta: Yeah.

Jeremy Shada: I was like, "Now that you reminded me." And then I saw your initial DMs [crosstalk 00:02:31] from when you did the shoot with him. [inaudible 00:02:33]

Luke Fontanta: 2012.

Jeremy Shada: Oh crap.

Luke Fontanta: Bring both feet up a little bit higher and then lean onto your elbows a little bit more. Yeah. Look down.

Jeremy Shada: That's sweet. That's cool.

Luke Fontanta: Perfect.

Jeremy Shada: They're going to be like, "That's the guy."

Speaker 2: Aw yeah.

Jeremy Shada: That's the one.

Luke Fontanta: Aw yeah. Going to have you-

Jeremy Shada: We'll show off my non-existent guns.

Speaker 2: Oh, they're there.

Jeremy Shada: Oh, they're there. They're small, but they're there. Don't worry. Let me get a pump going.

Luke Fontanta: I was always so embarrassed to do that, and literally everyone I've ever shot is doing it.

Jeremy Shada: I mean, it's like, if you're going to have...

Luke Fontanta: It was like there's no a single photo of a guy on Instagram where he's not flexing.

Jeremy Shada: Oh my gosh. I know. Seriously though.

Luke Fontanta: You have to. I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I'm like, okay, well it looks like my [inaudible 00:03:17] flexing, but...

Jeremy Shada: Yeah, exactly.

Luke Fontanta: But when I'm not... As if there's a single photo I've ever seen of a shirtless guy where he's not flexing.

Jeremy Shada: Yeah. Or he's just puffing out the belly. No one does that.

Luke Fontanta: Because you'll see those paparazzi photos of Mark Wahlberg at the beach, and he's like dad bod. And then the next day he's on a magazine cover like... yoked.

Jeremy Shada: Yeah.

Jeremy Shada: Where's a good height for this? [crosstalk 00:03:34] If I sat into it my head's going to go like...

Luke Fontanta: Just keep your chin up a little bit more than feels natural. Yeah. So chin down. Just look at me. Roll the sleeve.

Jeremy Shada: Yeah.

Luke Fontanta: [inaudible 00:03:47] That actually looks good. I like that.

Jeremy Shada: Like hello.

Luke Fontanta: It's pretty popped. Yeah. It actually looks good. Look past me. Chin up a little more. Now look down towards your left thigh.

Jeremy Shada: Flex that shit. Flex it! All the way.

Jeremy Shada: Dude that is awesome.

Jeremy Shada: The lady friend will like it.

Speaker 2: So Jeremy, what are you doing right now? Could you explain that to me?

Jeremy Shada: We're having a problem. Stuff above us is really going wrong and I'm just having to hold up the whole ceiling.

Speaker 2: Look at you man.

Jeremy Shada: Yeah. Just like, Hey now that is a pose right there.

Luke Fontanta: Keep your chin down a little bit. So it's not necessarily touching the ceiling.

Jeremy Shada: You are all LED bro

Jeremy Shada: So we are mainly getting a lot of these photos mainly cause I haven't gotten photos in awhile and I need some. But with all the stuff coming up with the new Snapchat series and with the new other show that I can't really talk about yet, hopefully soon, they're just going to be a lot of promo stuff. It's nice to have stuff where you don't look like you're five years old and you actually look the age that you are and that's what we're mainly getting today and it gave me an excuse to hang out with this awesome person and...

Luke Fontanta: Jeremy is not a lot to talk about the project but I can.

Jeremy Shada: Oh cool.

Luke Fontanta: So Netflix.

Jeremy Shada: I didn't say it.

Jeremy Shada: I didn't say that it may or may not be on Netflix. I don't know. There might be music in it. I might have to sing and play bass in the show.

Luke Fontanta: This isn't live right?

Jeremy Shada: No it's not.

Luke Fontanta: [inaudible 00:05:24].

Jeremy Shada: If it was, I would've been like, Oh no. By the time just comes out I could probably say that much anyway, so.

Jeremy Shada: As far as the Snapchat series, which I can talk about a little bit more than the other one. It's based off of a young adult novel called Denton Little's Death Date and I play Denton. It's a comedy, but it's kind of a little bit of dark darker comedy because it's set in a world where everybody knows the date of their death from the day they're born basically. So my character is 17 and he's five days away from his death date, so it's kind of him going on a hilarious bucket list of things to try and do before he dies.

Jeremy Shada: That's what that show is about. I'm excited for, it's a lot of fun. I got to do a lot of crazy stuff and I had a great amount of just awkward comedy scenes which are always the most fun. If you have to do a make-out scene or something like that ever with somebody, it's better if it's already supposed to be an awkward scene to begin with. Like it's already, the characters themselves are awkward because then you're just having fun with it and those types of things are always awkward to film anyway and be on the look out for that I guess.

Jeremy Shada: So we are finished up with the shoot. I'm so excited to see a- I mean I've already looked on the camera, see a couple of the stills just off the viewfinder, but it's going to be awesome. I'm so stoked. What's most important after a shoot though is a video game cause the shoots fine, but this is really what we come over for. That is Crash Bandicoot Racing.

Luke Fontanta: [crosstalk 00:06:57] [inaudible 00:06:58]

Speaker 2: Jeremy, you in first?

Jeremy Shada: Somehow. I don't know how but I am. Just barely. Oh I'm about to be dead though.

Jeremy Shada: First one.

Speaker 2: Oh look at that.

Jeremy Shada: First one I won.

Luke Fontanta: You come into my house.

Jeremy Shada: I just banged my arm on there anyways, so we just finished up. The shoot is done. It was awesome. I've got to see a few of the photos off of it and it just looks fantastic. It's going to be super cool. We got some great, just headshot type stuff. We got to do some fun kind of more like a scrim mental stuffs and like kind of throwback kind of James Dean black and white looking stuff, which is really, really awesome. I'm super excited and obviously Luke is the best dude in the whole world. So go give him some love on Instagram and stuff. He's awesome. And yeah, hope you guys enjoyed that. Onto the next endeavor, which will probably be me moving pretty quick here because I'm about to go to Vancouver to start shooting this new show and I've got to get all my stuff out of my apartment cause I'm going to be moving so more on that in the future. See ya.

Jeremy Shada: He's still recording.

Speaker 2: I'm just not going to leave you alone.

Jeremy Shada: Okay.

Speaker 2: I go where you go.

Jeremy Shada: No. No.

Speaker 2: Why not?

Jeremy Shada: No.

Speaker 2: Jeremy come back.

Jeremy Shada: Bye.

Speaker 2: Come back.

Speaker 2: All right he's gone.