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Jeremy Shada New House Insider Series




The Voltron: Legendary Defender and Adventure Time star Jeremy Shada, brings fans into his life, truly showing the person behind the star. Jeremy and Carolynn show us around their newly bought home in Georgia! Jeremy and Carolynn will not be moving in until Jeremy is finished with his new project in Vancouver. Lots of things to get excited for the Shada: the new life he is starting along with upcoming projects, FanCasts and Insider Series. 


Enjoy the Episode & Stay Tuned For More! 


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Jeremy Shada: 


What's up, everybody. So everything's been kind of crazy lately. Had a lot of stuff going on. I moved out of my apartment in LA, insane. My fiance, Carolynn, moved out of her apartment in LA. I've been up in Vancouver shooting a new show, last month and a half, two months now. We've been all over the place traveling, figuring out where we're going next. And amidst all the traveling and craziness we thought we would set down roots a little bit. So we bought a house.


Speaker 2: 


That's crazy.


Jeremy Shada: 


Pretty freaking crazy. We bought a house. So we're going to show you guys a little bit of the inside of our house and yeah, here's a little tour.


Carolynn: There's all boxes at the moment and it looks atrocious. But it'll get there.


Jeremy Shada: Are you excited to own a home?


Carolynn: Yes.


Jeremy Shada: Yes. What's your favorite part about the house?


Carolynn: The location.


Jeremy Shada: The location.


Carolynn: And that you'll be in it.


Jeremy Shada: Good answer. So yeah, we decided to get on that ladder and become official homeowners. As you can see, there's not really anything in our house as of yet other than sheets, mattress.


Carolynn: Oh sheet.


Jeremy Shada: Oh sheet. Because we have not gotten furniture yet. We still have to do that, we have to buy furniture. But I won't have time today because I literally only had the weekend off to come here for the closing of buying this house and for her cousin's wedding. So we are here for a couple of days. Then I'm going to be heading right back to Vancouver to finish shooting this show the next two months. But yeah, we're going to be in Vancouver. I can't show off really any of the shooting of the show that I'm working on right now because it's confidential, but I can show this type of stuff, what I'm doing when I'm not working, when I'm off the clock so to speak.


Jeremy Shada: So here's a little bit tour of the house. First off on the tour, the master bedroom.


Carolynn: With only a mattress and sheets and a Squatty Potty.


Jeremy Shada: There is not much in it so far, but there is a Squatty Potty, which is the most important piece of any home. When me and Carolynn first started dating, she had a Squatty Potty in her apartment.


Carolynn: You broke it.


Jeremy Shada: You're getting ahead of the story. I didn't know how to use the Squatty Potty and I didn't know how to ...


Carolynn: Okay, first off, how do you not know how to use a Squatty Potty?


Jeremy Shada: I've never used one before.


Carolynn: Jeremy, it's very self explanatory.


Jeremy Shada: I didn't know how to mount the Squatty Potty. I accidentally stepped on it and broke the whole thing and so I had to find her a new one and now it's a very important part of our new family that we're starting. Onto the next room.


Carolynn: We actually have washer and dryer in unit, that is a blessing.


Jeremy Shada: It's so, so nice. Here's the guest room.


Carolynn: And more boxes. Jeremy.


Jeremy Shada: That felt really nice, I'm not going to lie.


Carolynn: This is outside, just a little bit.


Jeremy Shada: We're not going to show you the full outside because no offense, I don't trust you that much random person on the internet, not telling you where I live, but also I love you.


Carolynn: Not sure you should say that.


Jeremy Shada: I love the thought of people's ...


Carolynn: but not sponsored. Pretty great mattress, not going to lie.


Jeremy Shada: Another bathroom.


Carolynn: Unfortunately, no Squatty Potty.


Jeremy Shada: We're going to have to invest in a couple more Squatty Potties for the house. And we have a garage and it's a in the home, I can walk right from the door to my kitchen and everything else. It's so nice.


Carolynn: This was his one stipulation for our house.


Jeremy Shada: It's my one stipulation for a house. And there's a ton of space, we can get bicycles. You can go bike around the city. Eventually want to maybe get a Tesla or something. I can actually put a charger on the wall and charge my car at night. That's such a novel idea. That's so cool. That's a little ways down the road, but I want it to be prepared for that. I wanted to have a place to have a garage.


Carolynn: And we have one. You're such a dork.


Jeremy Shada: And here's the living room and the kitchen and family. This is Carolynn's mom.


Carolynn: This is Mammy.


Jeremy Shada: This is Mammy.


Mammy: Hi.


Carolynn: This is Papa.


Jeremy Shada: And this is Papa. And that's my mom.


Carolynn: This is what you do when you don't have furniture.


Mammy: This is the lazy boy.


Carolynn: You have the best seat in the house. You have the only seat in the house.


Carolynn's mom: And this is a lazy boy, right here.


Jeremy Shada: Well, there you have it, that does it for the last room and let's go to the outro. All 

right, so you have now seen our new house. Tell me what you think. Was it cool? Is it awful?


Carolynn: It's pretty cool.


Jeremy Shada: I think it's pretty cool. I think it's pretty awesome.


Carolynn: We have a dance floor.


Jeremy Shada: There's no furniture, so we have to stand the whole time.


Carolynn: So it's a silent disco.


Jeremy Shada: It's just a silent disco, 100% of the time. Casa Shada, oh my gosh, I can officially say Casa Shada. It's my house.


Carolynn: It's so cute.


Jeremy Shada: That's my home. We won't be officially moving in until next year because I'm in Vancouver until December and you're back and forth from here to Florida for wedding plans.

Carolynn: Getting married.


Jeremy Shada: Getting married. Show off that ring.


Carolynn: No longer a single lady.


Jeremy Shada: She's not a single lady. I am not a single man, good feeling, but yeah. So we're in the midst of a lot of crazy work getting ready for the wedding and we just bought a house. We're just checking off all the adulting things.


Carolynn: Hashtag adulting.


Jeremy Shada: We're adulting really hard guys. It seems much more glamorous than it actually 

is. It was quite a process to buy this home, but we've done it and it's done and we officially own it, which is really cool.


Carolynn: Proud of us.


Jeremy Shada: So thanks for coming and watching us show off our new house and we'll see you guys next time.